3 Best Massage Chairs For Salon Available in the Market In 2022

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Setting a salon or spa is not an easy job. There are a lot of things that you should take care of, one of the most important things for a salon is the massage chair. A salon must own the best massage chairs so that it can provide the most relaxing therapies to its customers.

In this audit today, we will discuss three of the incredible massage chairs that one should buy for a salon. Read these reviews once before you make a purchase, it will make the task of choosing easier and easier. Have a look:

Giantex Adjustable Salon SPA Black Massage Bed Tattoo Chair

Here is the first one; it is produced by Giantex Company which is a very good brand name and the makers of the quality products.

It is manufactured with a solid iron frame and is entirely covered with PVC material.

The cushions of this massage chair are pretty thick; the thickness of them is around four inches. You can convert this massage chair into a massage bed for your customers and give them the best time of their life.

This massage chair can bear weight more than three hundred pounds. If you want to be accurate, so the weight-bearing capacity is three hundred and thirty pounds.

The face pillow that this massage chair accompanies is removable; you can remove it when it is not in use.

The complete package comes with a massage chair, two trays in extra-large size and one nice pillow.

The backside of this massage chair is adjustable, and so is the leg rest area. You can adjust the back and the leg area according to the comfort of your customer. The sponge padding of this massage chair makes it more and more comfortable for you.

The armrests of this massage chair are removable as well; when you convert it into a bed, you can remove the armrests.

This massage chair is exceptionally durable and will serve your salon for years to come. The color of this item is black that is neutral. You don’t have to give this item a second thought before purchasing.

Order one for your salon now from Amazon. It comes at a pretty decent cost.

I would recommend this to all the people who are running their own salons or trying to set up one!

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New Massage Table Bed Chair Beauty Barber Chair

The second best option that you have for your salon is this amazing item.

This massage chair can fold down into three sections, and this is what makes it the most convenient product to keep in the salon as it will not occupy much of the space.

It is produced with the finest PU leather and is extremely great to the touch. This massage chair is water-resistant and other than this; it is oil-proof too.

The armrests of this massage chair are quite comfortable, and they are removable. You can remove when they are not in use to increase the level of comfort for your customer.

The weight-bearing capacity of this item is actually amazing, it can stand weight up to five hundred pounds, and this is more than incredible.

It is not just a massage chair; it comes with a stool as well so the person who is giving you a massage can sit next to you and perform the task comfortably.

This massage chair is also convertible; you can make it a bed when needed.

You can buy this great massage chair from Amazon. It comes with a moderate price tag.

The shipment of this product is absolutely free so that you will save your money there too!

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Merax Professional Multi-function Adjusting Salon Chair

Last but not the least; this is another fabulous massage chair that you can buy for your salon.

This massage chair is convertible; you can make it a massage table and a massage bed whatever you need.

The backrest of this massage chair is adjustable; you can make it a chair and then make it flat if you need a bed. The other thing is the leg rest; it is adjustable too. It can move to sixty degrees, and you can make it flat too.

This massage chair is again in three sections so you can set it up in the way your customer wants at the salon. It brings along a stool for you. The stole comes with wheels so you can move it around wherever it is required.

This chair is not just great for salon and beauty treatments, but it is fantastic for physiotherapy as well.

This massage can stand weigh around five hundred pounds which is too much. You can use it for oversized individuals easily without any worries.

The color of this massage chair is white so no matter what color theme you have in your salon, white can go with everything.

The steel frame of this massage chair is the reason why it is so stable. There are two packages available in his product; you can look for them at Amazon.

This item comes at an economical price. Order and enjoy!

I am sure this article will help you out and will make your salon the best one. Happy shopping everyone!

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