Infinity Massage Chairs Shifts the Main Office – Production House to Seabrook, New Hampshire

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Infinity Massage Chairs Shifts the Main Office – Production House to Seabrook, New Hampshire

The customers of Infinity Massage Chairs will be happy to read that the company has moved its primary production house to 72- Stard Road, Seabrooke in New Hampshire.

A company official explains the motives behind this move and explains that the team has shifted the office at the beginning of the current week to this 45000 square feet production house. They have moved from their previous Kingston office to here in Seabrooke. Now they can quickly cover the Portsmouth and Boston areas as the Portsmouth lies at half hour’s distance and Boston lies at one hour’s distance from their new location.

The president of the company, Michael Garceau discussed pleasantly that the team worked hard and expanded the business to a greater extent within the last few years. So, the previous location was unsuitable for a fast growing company and its operations. That’s why it became necessary for us to find out a new and better place to continue the activities in a perfect way.

He adds more that an exciting aspect of the new site for Infinity Massage Chairs team is that the whole team is at one place. He says excitedly that earlier the technical support staff of the company was working separately from another location due to the lack of enough space in our old office building. Now, all departments of the company will work under one roof, and the team will be able to show better performance in functioning.

According to the Infinity Massage Chairs officials, the company’s showroom is under construction so far. Once built up, it will be the largest showroom of the country. The showroom will have enough margins to compensate the rapid-growing products of the company. Moreover, the customers will feel them into a conducive atmosphere. They would be able to try out their desired products before they make a purchase.

The company also announced that the customers from East Coast areas would be able to order for their required products at the Seabrooke production house. The same location will deal with shipping the products to the customers from the East Coast. It shows that the company aims at shortening the delivery time and making the delivering process more convenient for the majority of its clients. As you know, the majority of the customers belong to the above-discussed area, so it will be smooth for the customers to get their desired product in less time.

Moreover, the 45000 square feet area provides a full room for not only the official operations but also for the staff training and the board meetings, etc.

The company president finishes his talk while saying that the shifting to a better location, a more ambitious team and a rapid growth of the company make us more energetic to provide thorough and quicker services to our valued customers individually.

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