Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black Review

Imagine a situation where your whole body is immersed in ache and pain just because your massager couldn’t manage to come at your place. Your body muscles are taut from stress. This situation is not a horrible dream. It is a daily life story of millions of folks on this planet Earth.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black

But nothing is ignored in this modern age. So how it is possible that technology will overlook this massive problem which can affect efficiency of millions of workers worldwide? Indeed not! Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C is a beautiful answer to body pains of modern age!

This shiatsu massage chair aims at only goal by employing several different mechanisms i.e. to relieve body of all stresses. Uniqueness is one word that can describe this human genius aptly. We will look at its features in detail but Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner is one wonderful product to relieve your body of stress!


The Electric chairs working is based upon several different programs. These include Refresh, Relax, Recovery and several other set of instructions. We already have included it in our list of most popular chairs. We look at some of these in detail in following lines.

  • Shiatsu rollers lead to a reduced muscle stress, body pain and anxiety.
  • Compression and percussion is all about managing lower body regions. These include thighs, feet and other tissues. Remember that more relaxed legs are directly proportional to better mobility.
  • Kneading unties the muscle knots, leading to a minimization in stress.

There are more than 30 air bags in this chair,  20 are located in the lower portion of chair which serve to soothe feet and thighs. Main features of this device can be tabulated as following:

  • Massage heads: These target certain areas on neck which helps in relieving stress on neck region.
  • Lower back range: If there is a distinction between this chair and others, it is in the reach limit. While most of the chairs do not extend as far as tail bone, Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair easily extends right down the spine. Hence a longer area of operation leads to a better massage!
  • Air massage: Air bags relieve lower portion by improving blood circulation in inferior region of body.
  • Multiple intensity levels: The electric chair works at several different levels of frequency, thus enabling user to manipulate controls at his own will.
  • Automatic chair: Raising and reclining of chair is fully automated, ensuring a smooth transition between two phases.
  • Built-in heat intelligent roller system. 

Other features:

Available in black color, dimensions of it are 55*35*42 inches. Weighing 185 pounds, this EC-06 product offers a warranty of 1 year.

It is a customer friendly innovation for those who are in a morbid state of stress just because they cannot find time to visit a massager. Perhaps it is the reason Foot Rest 06C is granted such high ranks in market of massage chairs!

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