Best Rated TENS Machine 2022: Say Goodbye to Pain Without Pills

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One of the main reasons why people feel pain is because of stress and other emotional and psychological issues. Based on some studies, people who are grieving, depressed, or anxious feel more pain and have body pains more frequently. Pain is basically the nerve endings telling the brain that something is hurting the body. The best-rated tens machine could definitely help people manage pain.

Tens (transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation) machines are devices that block pain signals from reaching the brain. They operate using batteries and supply electric impulses to tens electrode pads through thin wires onto the skin and muscles. They are popular because they are able to help manage pain without the need for pain medicines.

Tens machines can be used on almost every part of the body. Depending on the setting, they can be used together with tens electrode pads on the head, shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet. Some people also use electrode gels to make the impulses more powerful. All tens machines work, but there are some that work better than others.

Below, three tens machines will be reviewed and evaluated to help readers judge which one is really the best tens machine.

HealthmateForever TENS Unit

This tens machine is one of the pre-programmed electronic tens massagers available on the market. It has saved settings for each body part that the user wants to target. They are the following: foot/hand, wrist, knee, ankle, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, and back. The buttons are labeled very clearly with those names to ensure that the user will not have a hard time identifying which one to pick.

The LCD display with backlight, on the other hand, gives the option on which kind of massage or impulse the user wants. They are the following: knead, random, acu (acupuncture), scraping (gusha), cupping, and tap.

It also has a belt clip for portability. Users can experience electrotherapy even when doing other things and wherever they are. The following are the contents of the package—the control unit with batteries, eight pieces of lead wires (four pairs), eight pieces of electrode pads (four pairs), electrode placement chart, and user manual.

The settings in terms of body parts and intensity are easy to adjust. The tens unit has four outputs that can have up to 20 levels of intensity per output.


  • There are a lot of settings to choose from depending on body parts to use the electrotherapy on.
  • The user can use it anytime, anywhere because of its size and belt clip feature.
  • The LCD display has a backlight for ease of setting even at night.
  • The placement guide and user manual make it easier to operate.


  • Just like with any other tens machines, users with sensitive skin may develop skin irritation when doing electrotherapy with this tens unit.


NURSAL Tens Unit with 16 Modes

Nursal Tens Machine is another pre-programmed pain relief massager. It has 16 pre-programmed modes and has 20 available intensity or strength. These can be easily adjusted by clicking the buttons up or down and left or right.

Its LCD display is bigger than the others and provides an animated display for easier operation. The LCD also has a backlight. This tens massager is compact and light; it almost looks like a mobile phone. It uses lithium batteries that last up to 10 hours of use and is rechargeable. It can charge using a USB port or a wall charger.

This tens machine has a dual output that can be used with six electrode pads on two different body parts at one time. The package comes with five pairs of electrode pads that are self-adhering. It also has an auto shut off feature and a timer that can be set for up to 60 minutes of use. It automatically turns off when the time is up.


  • The timer allows the user to take a nap or even sleep during electrotherapy.
  • Since it comes with self-adhering pads, there is no need to buy pads or electrode gels separately. This saves the users money.
  • The machine can be conveniently charged using the USB cable or through wall sockets.
  • It looks nice and high-tech. It also has very few buttons for ease of use.
  • The backlight of the big LCD display and its animated feature makes this one of the easiest to use tens machines on the market.


  • It could be mistaken for a different gadget, so it should be kept away from children.
  • It does not have a belt clip.


TENS Unit by Vive

Tens Unit by Vive is almost the same as the one from Nursal. They only differ in color. It also has pre-programmed modes, intensity controls, dual output, lithium rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours, backlit LCD display with animation, minimal buttons, and comes with pre-gelled electrode pads.

The package comes with four electrode pads, two electrode lead wires, one USB charger, one mini USB cord, and one pad and wires holder. This can be used out of the box since it is pre-charged and does not involve any complicated preparations.


  • It comes in a complete package, and nothing else needs to be bought before the user could start with electrotherapy.
  • The pad holder also has a wire roller—a great innovation to organize these accessories better and easier.
  • It also comes with a detailed operation manual that includes a placement chart to guide the users.


  • There are no explanation of the modes available (if kneading, acupuncture, or cupping, for instance), so the users need to try each to find out which one they like.


Best Rated Tens Machine: The Verdict

Based on the features and functionalities discussed for each of the brands above, the best rated tens machines is HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit. It might look complicated to use because of the many buttons, but this actually makes operating it easier. The buttons give the users information on the kinds of electrotherapy or massage available. No need to do trial-and-error to find the kind of massage one wants.

In addition, it has varying levels of intensity and comes in a complete package. It can also be used out of the box and is very durable and portable. It also has four outputs that could be used in more areas at one time. The electrode pads that come with the package are also of good quality. These could definitely provide pain relief without the need for oral medications.

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