Best Inada Massage Chairs – World’s Premium Recliners Reviewed 2022

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Massage is a healthy way to refresh yourself and get rid of all the stress from your body. Inada is a well-known company that has been manufacturing quality massage chairs for a long time. They have different varieties of massage chairs. A great thing about the company is that they have been upgrading themselves with the changing needs of people and modern technology. Here is a review of their most selling and high-performance chairs. We hope, this will help you find the most appropriate chair for you.

1. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

This massage chair gives you the maximum coverage in comparison to other massage chairs in the market. It is based on shiatsu massage therapy that uses different motions to relax the stressful muscles of the body.  There is an undulating figure-8 motion in the chair that mimics the therapists’ massage. You will feel exactly like having a massage from a professional shiatsu therapist. The chair has a complete flex function that gives you rotational stretching on your shoulders and hips.


  • Q: Is the massager soundless?
  • A: Yes, the massager is soundless, which makes it appropriate to be placed anywhere in the house.
  • Q: Does it come assembled?
  • A: Most parts of the machine come assembled, but you will have to work on the smaller parts. However, there is nothing to worry about as it comes with a well-elaborated user manual.

2. Inada DreamWave Massage Chair

Inada DreamWave Massage chair

This is another massage chair by Inada that is based on Shiatsu massage therapy techniques. The chair has a body scanning feature which detects the focal points of the body of every individual and proves a customized massage. For an ultimate relaxation experience, the lumber seat is added with inward motion and outward release. It melts away all the soreness of the muscles and brings you back from all the fatigue. You will enjoy the soothing rhythmic compressions on your feet and soles. Excessive body coverage allows you to get a massage all over your body; it is just like getting a relaxing massage from a professional shiatsu massage therapist. Moreover, there are more than 1,000 massage combinations that you can set as per your preferences. Also, you can put your smartphone in the given pocket and enjoy your favorite shows or music.

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  • Q: What is the ideal position of the chair to make it function properly?
  • A: The chair must be placed at least 18 inches away from the back wall, so it has enough space to stretch completely.
  • Q: Can I change the intensity level of vibration?
  • A: Yes, there are two intensity levels for a back massage and one for the seat. You can choose as per your comfort level.

3. Inada Yu-Me Massage Chair

Inada Yu-Me Massage chair

This chair may be expensive than the other you would have seen in the market, but it gives real comfort and amazing compressions. The zero gravity massage chairs like this one are recommended by physicians as well so you can take care of yourself in a better way. The acupressure massage feature in the pillow of the chair gives gentle rotational movements. It may take a little space in your room but this is just like have your personal masseuse. Also, there are three shiatsu pads in the package; they have different shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs of the user.


  • Q: What is the power consumption of the chair?
  • A: The chair can work on 140v.
  • Q: How does the pillow work on the neck?
  • A: The pillow is designed to stretch the neck and massage it to ease the stiffness and hardness of neck muscles. It is best for people who sit in the same position for long hours.

4. Inada HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair

Inada HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s massage chair

You will get to enjoy a full body air massage with this Inada massage chair. It comes with head-to-toe massage kneading that is exactly like the hand and finger movements of a professional massage therapist. The heating feature of the chair ensures relaxation of the muscles so the massage can penetrate through the tired muscles of the body and soothe all the pains. You can adjust the intensity of kneading with the air cell provided in the chair. The chair has good movements


  • Q: How many colors are available in the chair?
  • A: There are three colors to choose from; so you can match them with your room interior.
  • Q: Is it easy to clean?
  • A: Yes, the cover is made of synthetic leather which is quite easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Inada is a well-known massage chair manufacturing company. You can trust them for what they are bringing for you.

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