Best Brands to Buy a Massage Chair​ in 2022

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So far, we have seen the top 10 massage chairs and their health benefits, but here are a few brands to give priority when buying a massage recliner.

1: Panasonic


Panasonic is a revolutionary brand that manufactures some of the world’s best massage chairs. They use innovative technology and have been leading the market since the 1960s. Their massage recliners mimic the motions of a real human massage therapist. Though I have to admit that their massage recliner is quite expensive, and there are alternative brands that offer the same features and specifications as Panasonic, when it comes to quality and durability, there is no match with Panasonic. One of Panasonic’s top massage recliner models includes the EP-300007 and MA-70 with 100% user satisfaction. If you have a good budget for your massage recliner, then Panasonic is your ideal brand to go ahead.



INADA is another pioneer in the massage chair industry and has been in the market since the early days providing the best massage recliners ever. They had put in a lot of effort in improving the durability of their massage recliner, and this is what makes them stand out from other brands. The advance massaging techniques and pre-programmed massage features are what diversifies their massage recliners. Not only their massage chairs are made in Japan, but they also use high-tech equipment in its construction. One of their top selling models is Inada’s Sogno Dreamwave. It’s a very user-friendly massage recliner with an attractive design and incredible performance. And yes! Their airbags provide a soothing effect on your body.

3: Omega


Omega is well-known for its high quality and top specs massage chairs. They are more focused on manufacturing massage chairs with rich features without compromising the quality and not increasing the price figure as well. You will enjoy the firm, smooth, and realistic massage experience using Omega’s massage recliner. I feel that they have focused more on users’ needs instead of personal additions. Some of the features introduced in their latest models are not even found in the top brands. The Montage Pro massage chair is one of their top selling products that has a sleek design, rich features, and solid construction as well.

4: Osaki


Osaki is quite a new brand, but they have gained fame within a short span of time by delivering quality massage recliner with eye-popping features and affordable price tags. They offer a wide range of massage products that have been serving the users for several years. One of their best massage recliners is the OS-4000, and I personally endorse it to my fellow readers as well. It features zero gravity, pre-programmed functions, and 48 airbags.



COZZIA offers its customers a wide range of massage therapy items all intended to provide you quality. Their products have been incorporated into therapeutic techniques, user-friendliness, and affordable price. Moreover, they design their massage chairs to meet all types of user needs. COZZIA 16027 massage recliner is one of their best models that comes with zero gravity features, innovative design, and incredible specifications.

6: Infinity


Infinity was launched back in 2009, and they commenced their business with Therapeutic Massage Chairs. Apart from massage recliners, they also manufacture personal massage products for massage spas and massage therapists. Unlike other brands, all of their models are made to provide different massage styles and functions. Most of their massage recliners feature zero gravity, inversion, and foot roller technology. Iyashi, IT-8500, and IT-800 are one of their top selling massage chairs.

7: Luraco


Luraco is the leading manufacturer of spa and massage technology. Their massage chairs are well-known for their advanced features, one of which is heat therapy and zero gravity reclining position. One of their prominent massage recliners is the iRobotics six that boasts quality materials, 100 airbags, and zero gravity. Moreover, every feature they provide is adjustable to your needs.

8: Human Touch

Human Touch

As the name suggests, Human Touch develops a massage recliner that mimics the motions of a real human massage therapist. In fact, they have won many awards for manufacturing quality massage chairs. Their massage recliners focus on the stress points on your body and personal wellness. Also, it boasts features that serve lifelike experience and bring about many health benefits in your life. Human Touch headquarters are located in the US, Southern California. They have also developed many popular lines, of which iJoy and HT series are the leading ones.



OSIM develops massage chairs that focus primarily on the therapeutic importance of a full human feel massage session. They have superior quality in the massage recliner industry and promises to serve its customers with products that boast rich features and unbeatable specifications. They also offer trailblazing mobile applications through which you can control the setting of your massage recliner.

10: Inner Balance

Inner Balance

Inner balance is popular for its zero-gravity recliners. ZG571 and ZG550 are one of their leading massage recliner models. They focus on the wellness first approach in the development of their massage chairs. The therapeutic effects and relaxing massage rollers collectively with the airbags help to relieve all the bodily and mental stress. Best of all, their massage chairs aren’t that expensive as compared to other massage recliners in the industry.

11: iComfort


iComfort is a Canadian based company and is famous for the development of many spas and health-related products. They started massage chairs after a while. Though it’s not a popular brand of massage recliners, a few of their users have left some amazing reviews about the company.

12: Fujita


Fujita is also a new manufacturer of massage chairs in the industry, and they primarily focus on comfort and health improvement. Their massage recliner uses features like physical therapy, acupressure, and natural healing to give you a realistic massaging experience. They also use heat therapy mechanism that goes deep into your body tissues and stimulated blood circulation. One of their top selling product is SMK9100 that comes with arm width adjustments, Thai stretching, and music sync.


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