Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager: Relief for Tens and Thousands Kinds of Pain

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In this day and age, body pain seems to be part of people’s daily lives because of stress. Pain that is only in the mind is easier to address by doing relaxation and meditation. However, other causes of more debilitating pain are actual physiological conditions that are acquired through the years such as arthritis or sciatica, or those caused by accidents. It is good to know that Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager can address all kinds of pain.

Tens or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines, such as Belmint Tens Unit, are used to get relief from pain without taking any oral pain medications that have a lot of known side effects. These work by sending electrical signals to the brain before pain signals do. It is like blocking the pain signal from reaching the brain, therefore making the pain bearable.

People who normally rely on tens machines are those that experience intense pain in various parts of the body on a daily basis. Using tens massagers have become a part of their routine since they could not be taking pain pills whenever they feel pain since the effect of the pills only last for a while.

These people are those with inflammations on the body such as those with arthritis and bursitis, slipped discs, tendinitis, etc. Other people who depend on tens machines for pain relief are those that had hip replacement or knee and shoulders surgeries due to accidents. Aside from that, there are also tens machines that are used for a short time such as when experiencing birthing labor or when undergoing dental treatments.

Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is one of the best tens massagers on the market because of its pre-programmed modes that can address almost all kinds of body pain.


This tens machine from Belmint is battery-operated and has a backlit LCD display that shows the setting the user is going to use. It is compact just like a remote control, but with a lot of features for pain management. The package comes with batteries, two sets of lead wires, user manual, and two sets of pre-gelled electrode pads.

It has five pre-programmed settings for ease of use. They are as follows: wrist, shoulder, joint, hand/foot, and sole. There is also a repeat button. There are options for the type of electrotherapy as well: knead, massage, and beat.

The intensity level is from one to 10 for each of the settings chosen. It also has an auto shut off feature. The tens unit will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of continuous use. Since it has two outputs, it can be used in two areas or on two people at one time. Its design is considered intuitive because the shape and buttons make it easy for everyone to operate.


There are a lot of good reasons for buying Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager. They are as follows:

  • It provides pain relief without the negative side effects.

This tens machine is especially useful for people who experience chronic pain. Oral pain medications cannot be taken too often because of their negative side effects. In addition, taking pain pills all the time makes the body immune to them, lessening their pain relief effects over time.

Using tens machine for pain relief can be used frequently or as suggested by a physician. They do not have negative side effects since they do not require taking in any substance. Moreover, tens units help with pain management by simply blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. They do not do anything else with the body.

  • It saves the patient money and time.

People who experience body pains especially at the back or joints spend thousands of dollars for chiropractic services, surgeries, and other medications. However, all these do not guarantee that pain will go away 100 percent. Tens machines such as Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is only purchased once but can be used for many years to come.

Having a portable tens massager at home also saves the patients time going to and from the doctor’s or chiropractor’s clinic. It gives them relief from pain without leaving their home.

  • It is helpful for all kinds of health conditions.

Tens units are known to help relieve all kinds of pain associated with various medical conditions such as sciatica, tendinitis, and arthritis. They can also help with labor pains, toothache, headache, and muscle pains from strenuous activities.

In addition to these, using tens machines can also improve blood circulation, helping with nerve damage associated with diabetes, and can help heal wounds and bruises faster because of the stimulation they provide.

  • It is easy to operate.

Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager, in particular, has buttons to control the intensity of the electrotherapy, kind of massage, and setting for specific body parts. With the help of its backlit LCD screen, the users are guided on how they are using or going to use the tens machine. The user manual also offers valuable information to assist the patients on how to maximize their electrotherapy sessions.

The shape and design of this tens massager make it very handy and portable. There is no complicated set up required, and they can be used out of the box.


However, just like any other tens machine, no one setting works for everyone. The user needs to experiment with the options to get the most out of this tens massager. The pre-gelled electrode pads could also irritate sensitive skin. It is very important that the user prepares the skin properly before every session to avoid shocks and burns, and to get the best pain relief possible.


Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a great tens machine because it provides the much-needed pain relief without the negative side effects, it saves the user time and money, it can be used to address all kinds of pain from various medical conditions, and it is easy to use and operate. Nevertheless, the user still needs to take caution when using this device to ensure that stings and skin irritations are avoided.


This product can be compared with HealthmateForever TENS machines though it is more affordable. It has all the parts and functions of these other popular brands, but it gives more value for money.

The Verdict

Belmint Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a good choice for anyone looking for pain relief without taking painkillers or without spending too much money on a regular basis. It helps with a lot of health conditions, is easy to operate, and can last a long time with proper use and storage. This tens machine is really a good investment.

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