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Not everyone can afford high end and expensive massage chairs. Each one of us goes through a lot of hard work and stress, which is why it has become a necessity to own a massage chair. Not all of us can go to a spa or hire a masseuse. There is a large variety of massage chairs in the market, which has made a choice difficult. Most of the people say that the chair they liked was out of their budget, yet they wanted all the essential functionalities. So, to help these kinds of customers, we have listed down preferable massage chairs under the budget of $1000.

1. Best massage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best massage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The first of the list of the perfect massage chair under $1000 is this fantastic massage chair by Best Massage. This is a massager with a sleek and compact design. It is shaped like the business class seat of an airplane, with a leather cover. It massages the surface of your skin by tapping and kneading to release all the stress and recover the flexibility.

The controls are installed on the arm of the chair so that you can adjust the movement according to your desire. This chair has five different massage types and lets users create their own preferred manual massage sessions, including Kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking, Tapping, and Air Pressure. It will provide any user with an unforgettable massage experience.

Besides, this Shiatsu massage chair by Best Massage features an automatically preset massage session that includes three specially designed and already integrated massage programs. There are four airbags equipped on both sides of the seat, swinging the hip by air inflation and deflation. As a result, it efficiently relieves pelvis pressure, improves the waist and hip pains.

Electric Shiatsu Gaming Full Body Massage Chair by Best Massage has the capability to withstand weight up to 90 kg, which makes it stronger than a normal chair.

There is also a slot for your phone, so you can connect it to the massage chair and enjoy music. It is said that soothing music tones are always helpful in getting a refreshing massage.

The compact design of the chair will not take a lot of space in your bedroom or the living room. It is a good choice for under $1000.

One of the best things about this affordable massage chair is its SL-track system. That means the Shiatsu massage chair not only functions in an L-track formation but also mimics the curves of the alphabet ‘S’ to target main acupuncture points located in the vertebrae effectively.

The Electric Shiatsu Full Body massage chair is upholstered with durable PU, so when water spills onto the massage chair, it is very waterproof and clean. You can get this massage chair under 1000 dollars.


  • Three preset massage programs.
  • Five massage modes.
  • Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Control Panel easy to use.
  • Three colors are available: burgundy, cream, and black.
  • SL Track massage system.
  • Built-in speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • A user has complained that it was very small and not sized for most American adults (over 120 pounds).
  • Some users have found it also very noisy.
  • It does not have a heating feature.

2. Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Real Relax massage chair recliner delivers a soothing full-body massage experience. With all its features, this recliner can gently and effectively work away stress and tension.

You can easily navigate the settings of this amazing chair using the remote and high-definition display. The remote is connected to the chair via a cable to ensure it is not lost or misplaced. An included pocket on the side of the chair is designed to hold the remote, so you also know where it to find it.

The Real Relax massage chair recliner is equipped with four preset massage programs to deliver soothing and relaxing massage. This Zero Gravity massage chair has eight massage points in the backrest and 50 airbags throughout the seat, shoulders, arms, and legs.

These airbags surround your arms and expand and contract to gently relax your muscles. The Full Body massage chair also has a foot roller function, that presses against feet to release soreness and reduce inflammation.

The reclined position puts your feet up, and this generates a zero gravity position for a full-body massage. Zero gravity massage chairs will simultaneously increase relaxation of the back and neck, improve lung function, and eliminates pressure on the spine.

This Real Relax Shiatsu massage chair features heat to help soothe sore muscles to improve flexibility and increase the effectiveness of the massage, while also aiding in circulation. Increasing blood flow alleviates discomfort, promotes healing, and even enhances metabolism.

The seat massager includes three settings, which are vibrate, air squeeze, and heat. All of them give you a deep and thoroughly soothing experience.

The Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair recliner is built to accommodate individuals less than 6 feet tall. The weight capacity of the chair is 440 pounds.

The footrest extends to provide a more comfortable fit for taller people. It is covered with faux leather material that resists pet hair and staining and is easy to clean.

The lower price can attract anyone due to its remarkable and unique design. You can shop this massage chair under $1000. Buy yours now on Amazon.


  • Footrest extends to accommodate tall individuals.
  • 440-pound weight capacity.
  • Two back wheels.
  • Artificial leather material.
  • 8-point massage.
  • Zero Gravity.
  • 50 airbags.
  • Waist heater.
  • Foot rollers.
  • Simple remote


  • The user’s neck is in an uncomfortable position when fully reclined.
  • Larger chairs require significant space to recline.
  • There are no back rollers.

3. EARTHLITE Vortex Portable Massage Chair

This lightweight and compact massage chair is portable. It is also very durable as it has a solid construction. The adjustable design enables the chair to be customized for comfortable seating in a prone position while receiving a massage.

This massage chair by Earthlite has many faces, arm, and seat adjustments to enable optimal client positioning in quick setup. This makes it perfect for users of various sizes. The removable sternum pad can be used as needed for added convenience.

The Earthlite Vortex chair is covered with dual density Pro-Lite material. The cushioning is very durable also, so the chair will continue to be comfortable for years. The Natursoft upholstery material is soft to the touch and gentle on skin.

The frame is made from oval tube aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum frame contributes to the portable and lightweight design of the massage chair without sacrificing frame strength.

The Earthlite Vortex massage chair can accommodate people up to 300 pounds.

The Earthlite Vortex massage chair package can be ordered in a variety of colors, including amethyst, black, burgundy, latte, mystic blue, sterling, teal, and vanilla cream.


  • Lightweight.
  • Included carrying case.
  • A lifetime limited warranty on the frame and three-years warranty on the cushions and upholstery.
  • Dual-density Pro-Lite cushioning.
  • Natursoft Upholstery.
  • It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Pads are not removable.
  • It does not have a heating feature.

4. Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner Full Body Massage Chair

This is another massage chair that is easy to carry. It weighs much less than many other items on the market, and it features two wheels to help with this. Operating it is also easy thanks to an included remote control.

This massage chair has an HD screen that makes it easy to manage your massage.

This Real Relax Zero Gravity massage chair has four different programs, and it also allows some massage customization. In that way, you will get a custom massage, very comfortable.

This Shiatsu massage chair also features a zero-gravity position, optional. At first, this chair automatically sets itself to this mentioned position, but you can make adjustments via the remote.

Despite it being lighter, this Shiatsu chair has quite a high weight capacity: it can handle over 400lb.


  • Remote controlled.
  • Lighter model.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Automatic Zero Gravity setting.
  • Extendable leg rest.
  • 50 airbags.
  • Heating function.
  • Timer function.
  • Eight massage neck back rollers.


  • It can’t operate foot and headrest independently.

All of these massage chairs are in an affordable price range. Our reviews of the best massage chairs under $1000 come to an end here. It is a wise choice to invest in a good quality massage chair as there is nothing more important than a healthy body and mind.