10 Best Massage Chairs of (Jan. 2017) – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shiatsu or Acupressure is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage techniques, and having the best massage chair can make your life comfortable and free from daily stress. Luckily, there is a whole load of massage chairs available on the Internet with varying prices and all intended to provide you the best massage ever.

Instead of you fussing your head with useless options, we have handpicked some of the best massage chairs on the market for you to choose from.

Your regular sleeping mattress isn’t going to soothe your muscles and relax your body as much as the massage chairs in the World can do. I know sitting 9 to 5 on your office chair, and listening to your boss all day long who is never happy with what you have done can make you mentally and physically exhausted. After going through such a hectic routine, the only thing you are dreaming of on your way back is a comfortable place where you can relax your body for a while and get rid of all day long stress and pressure.

Not to mention that you can visit a nearby massage spa or even hire a personal therapist for an enjoyable and relaxing massage. But let’s estimate the cost you would bear.

If you prefer visiting a massage spa, the cost varies. The per hour rate they’ll charge depends on which day, location, destination and how luxurious spa services you need. Suppose you need a simple bone massage. It would cost you somewhere around $40-$50 an hour in a regular massage spa. But let’s look at some expensive spas as well. A Swedish massage can cost you $50 for 30 minutes and as much as $120 an hour. Similarly, the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas charges $150 for 50 minutes, and some costly and luxurious spas charge $250 plus tax and tips.

Now let us suppose that you prefer to hire a personal therapist who comes to your door every weekend or twice in a week. The national average for a massage therapist is $60 per hour, and if you hire some expert therapist, he can even charge you as much as $100+.

Summing up the above scenarios we see that if you prefer a massage spa, let’s say 3 to 4 times in a month, you’ll be paying somewhere around $400 plus the cost of fuel to reach the spa. On the other hand, the massage therapist would cost you on average $500-$700 a month. Whatsoever is the case; you will be overspending too much.

This is where the massage chairs come in! With the fast paced modern life where everyone is too much busy, having a massage at home can relieve your body from pain, stress and anxiety. Not only that but these chairs also bring many health benefits. They help in maintaining your blood pressure and get you rid of mental stress. Above all, a massage chair is a far better and ‘affordable’ option as compared to hiring a massage therapist or visiting a costly massage spa.

The next question is which massage chair on the market is the best one to choose? To help you out with this we have listed out the best ones along with their unbeatable features, functions, and specifications. Not only that, but we have top rated chairs with affordable price tags. After all, this will be your one-time ‘long-term’ investment, and we promise to make it worthwhile for you.

Moreover, to avoid things making you bore, we have picked only those chairs that have unique features and affordable prices to meet your budget and massaging requirement:​

Top Massage Chairs Reviews of 2017

Massage Chairs Comparison

Massage Chair# of Auto ProgramsAirbagsWarrantyColorsPrice
Special 2016 Best Valued New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair4 Auto ProgramsTherapeutic Airbags3 YearsBlack, Beige, Brown
Electric Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- BlackYes, Available30 Airbags1 YearBlack, Burgundy, Brown
Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Plus VR Headset2 Auto Programs35 Airbags3 YearsBlack, Burgundy, Khahi
Full Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna6 Auto ProgramsDouble Layer Airbags3 YearsBrown
RELAXONCHAIR with Zero Gravity Built In Shiatsu5 Auto Programs20 Airbags5 YearsBrown, Brown - White Glove Delivery, Dark Chocolate
Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic3 Auto ProgramsN/a1 YearBlack, Espresso
Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu6 Auto ProgramsYes, Available3 YearsBlack, Brown, Charcoal
Inada Sogno Dreamwave8 Auto ProgramsYes, Available3 YearsBlack, Brown, Cream, Red
OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair - Cream Color Upholstery6 Auto ProgramsYes, Available3 YearsBlack, Brown, White
Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Leather InfiniteYes, AvailableYes, AvailableNot MentionedWhite/Berry Red

Special 2016 Best Valued New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair

Special 2016 Best Valued New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair

The “Special 2016 Best Valued” is one of the top rated recliners of 2017 and also one of the most affordable and discounted model yet available in the market. The chair can go on its full power for up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage. It has different options to choose from. For example head to toe massage, real humanized massage, and Shiatsu massage, kneading, tapping, clapping and rolling massage.

It further has four auto massage programs that can be controlled from the user-friendly control panel located near to the armrest. The shiatsu techniques are amazing. You will enjoy the experience of a real massage therapist.

This massage recliner also contains a built-in heat therapy unit that is located on the back of it. This heating feature automatically activates while you are enjoying the massage. Plus it uses different techniques to focus on stress points on your body.


  • Zero gravity feature that brings body in comfortable position.
  • No other chair offers these kinda features in such an affordable price.
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Four auto massage functions.


  • None.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black

Electric Full Body Shiatsu w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C- Black

It’s on the top of the list with the most affordable price tag ever. This massage recliner is simply a winner. Not only it is a shiatsu massager but also comes with heating feature and airbags that provide instant relief from muscle spasm and back pain.

It features consists of extremely powerful rollers that help to relax your muscles and reduce overall fatigue. Plus, the compressions of airbags empties your blood capillaries, which then refill with fresh oxygenated blood. This energizes your body and makes you feel fresh.

What’s more intriguing is its recovery program, the extend program, the relax program and refresh program that are backed with 30 airbags and built-in heating system along with rollers that run throughout your body. The chair has flexible conforms that quickly contour to the shape of your back and body and soothes it.


  • Great shiatsu massage session.
  • Lowest price.
  • Powerful rollers with airbags.
  • Smart ergonomics that contour to any body shape.
  • Multiple pre-loaded massage functions.


  • None.

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Plus VR Headset

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Plus VR Headset

The Real Relax Shiatsu Massage recliner is one of my favorite ones. To be honest, it’s one of those four amazing products at our home that I use the most. It is FDA registered and comes with a three years solid warranty. Like other chairs, it is also priced under $1000 that makes it an affordable option for you.

Two preset automatic massage programs give you a relaxing massage experience. Apart from that, it includes eight massage points inside of the backrest that works together on the other areas and provides you a full body massage (from the neck and down to the feet).

I was expecting more than 50 airbags. However it contained only 35 that are placed over the shoulder parts, arms, seat cushion and the thighs/legs region. They vibrate, squeeze and heat to give a relaxing experience. There are exclusive pulsed massage features only for the arms and powerful rollers for the sole of your feet. The footrests can be easily extended for taller people.


  • 3-Years solid warranty.
  • Low price with excellent features.
  • 2 preset automatic massage functions and 8 massage points inside the backrest.
  • 35 airbags.
  • Built in heating, air squeeze and vibration feature.


  • Bulky and the direction for its assembly are pretty odd.

Full Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna

Full Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna

The Full Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna uses Shiatsu techniques that include massage with fingers, thumbs, and palms along with assisted stretching and joint manipulation and mobilization. All of these functions are installed inside the massage recliner, and you can control them with a user-friendly built-in control panel or the remote control that comes along with the chair. This chair also utilizes special kneading, tapping, rolling and tapping/kneading techniques by focusing on the stress points of your body and providing you a totally relaxing, restoring and revitalizing experience of a luxurious massage.

What’s more exciting is the Hula and Tai Chi techniques that are often used by a therapist. These techniques help to energize your body by delivering a deep soft massage into your body tissues. It also has a yoga stretching program that stretches your entire body and helps in eliminating the toxins and waste products from your body. As a result, you feel light and relieved from stress.

While the chair has quite a bulky structure but it’s still compact to fit in small areas of your house. Unlike most of the other chairs that require at least 15 inches from the wall to be in perfect zero gravity, the LM-6800 Kahuna Massage chair demands 5-6 inches from the wall, which is perfect for your room.

Its dual foot rollers massage are simply amazing. They not only provide a soothing kneading experience but also when the roller spins, they stimulate on the acupuncture points which is truly fantastic and appreciable.

The place where your arms rest have airbags that inflate and deflate to give a relaxing experience. In addition to that it also has a computer body scan technology that automatically decides which massage would be perfect for your body, a calf & foot massage assisted through air bags and lower back and calves heat therapy that dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding your lumbar spine and with the applied heat, improves your blood circulation throughout your body. As a result, the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles increases that ultimately relieves them from stress.

Finally, Kahuna LM-6800 promises a 3-year limited warranty on all of its parts. You can buy the product with guarantee!


  • Best Seller.
  • Built in heath therapy.
  • Zero Gravity function.
  • FDA Registered and 3-Years solid warranty.


  • You can’t adjust it to go intensive on particular areas.

RELAXONCHAIR with Zero Gravity Built In Shiatsu

RELAXONCHAIR with Zero Gravity Built In Shiatsu

The Relaxonchair zero gravity has a user-friendly interface with the advance mechanism that gives a soothing and relaxing experience every time you sit on this chair. Its parts are covered by top-notch materials that increase its strength, efficiency, and usability for several years.

The soft grained synthetic leather and carbon fiber panel is a perfect combination to give a super comfortable sensation. I personally feel that the compact design of Relaxonchair makes it easily portable, and smart enough to fit in small areas of your room. Relaxonchair is the other name for quality and durability.

Its advanced airbag massaging technology provides instant relief to your body and muscles. The built-in high-quality heating air bags soothes your muscles and blood vessels that ultimately gives you relief from a headache and other problems. You can also inflate or deflate these airbags for a perfect massaging experience on the arms, legs, hips, back and neck. It also has four auto programs that take the massaging experience to the next level. Additionally, it also features a ‘3 manual specific’ and targeted massage including kneading, combo and tapping, three levels of massage intensity control, three massage speed controls and fully control auto programs that gives you a much relaxing and soothing massaging experience.

Finally, its Buttlock L-Tracking Massage System has rollers that glide from your upper back and all the way under the seat. It gives a full back body massage and is very helpful in relieving back pain instantly, you can consider it as a best back massager with all other massage chair features. One thing that may not appeal you is that this chair comes in two colors charcoal and chocolate.


  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Powerful massage rollers with reduced airbag pressure that gives a great massage.
  • Three stage automatic zero gravity feature.
  • 3-Years limited warranty.


  • Might become a bit intense at times.
  • If you have severe pain the rollers may feel very hard as you can’t control their power intensity.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic is a whole innovation in the massage chair industry. Human Touch is, in fact, the leading manufacturer of some of the most advanced health equipment. We love its 3-auto programs that come along with three invigorating auto-massage programs to choose from. These help a lot in relieving bodily and mental stress and focus on all the stress points on your body.

Its zero gravity recline feature can be adjusted with a simple push button located close to where your hands are placed. You can easily recline it from 113 degrees to 165 degrees and adjust to the ideal angle that ensures a relaxing massaging experience. Unlike other, iJoy doesn’t come with any remote control. Instead, it has a built-in control panel where your hands can reach easily and you can easily switch its massaging programs.

We loved its design a lot with two color options to choose from, black and espresso. As compared to most of the similar products, iJoy 2580 has a light weight and a compact size making it easier to move and fix it in small places. One thing that you may not find appealing is the absence of pre-programmed intensity levels. However, these are replaced with removable softening pads. In this way, you can manually control the massage intensity.

For some additional perks, Human Touch has added a cup holder that is placed on the right arm set so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite drink while having a massage. Not only this, but the company also offers a 90-Days in-home service, a solid 1-year warranty on its parts and a 2-year structural warranty.


  • One of the most affordable massage chairs with outstanding features.
  • Auto massage programs with built-in control panel.
  • Rated as one of the best chair in 2013 in term of quality, price and features
  • Compact design with space saving features.


  • You will need some time to get used to its controls and functions.
  • Need extra care.
  • Design is a bit weird.

Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu is among the most popular and relaxing massage recliners of all times. It efficiently works out on your muscles and keeps your body fit and healthy. This amazing product has ten pre-installed massage therapist techniques installed in its system that you can control using its user-friendly interface. For those who think that life beyond work is an impossible feat because of the hectic routine, you need to get the Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage chair and think again.

It is simply built to provide you quality, quality, and quality. It also boasts six automatic programs that work throughout your body, focusing on the stress points and giving you an everlasting relaxing experience by soothing the muscles and stress veins. Not only this, but there is an ultra-long massage range that has automatic massage options for necks, shoulders, back and lowers body including buttocks, thighs, calves and the feet. In simple, you get a full body massage without missing a single part on your body. You can also adjust the chair balance as per your needs.

You’ll enjoy its six massage options that include kneading, Swedish Massage, Combo, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling. These effectively help in personal healthcare, blood circulation, relaxation and full body therapy. Before its massage, it also features a body scan technology that scans your body, determines your height and width and chooses one of the pre-installed massaging operations that best suits your body.

Overall, the chair has smart ergonomics with S-Track that automatically conforms to the natural shape of your spine and promises a much effective and healthy massage to your body. Finally, this respected product is backed by a three-year warranty by the manufacturer on all its parts.


  • Built with synthetic leather.
  • Zero gravity with exclusive S-track movable intelligent massage robot.
  • Body detector sensor for contouring and adjusting the chair.
  • 6 auto massage programs loaded inside.


  • The chair can sometimes go intensive. You may feel like being squeezed not massaged.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

Inada Sogno Dreamwave is one of my best picks. It is one of the chairs that offers a full body massage covering all the stress points. The chair has a cradle shape that envelops your body and creates a specific massage motion that mimics the Shiatsu technique and promises to give you a relaxing and soothing experience.

What I love is its combination of over thousands of massaging techniques that enables the user to tailor the massage experience as per their needs. You can choose between kneading, tapping, human hands, rolling and back vibration. What makes it stand out from other products is its 8 Pre-Programmed healthcare massage sessions that are a great innovation. In addition to that, four well being programs are shiatsu based and includes Stretch, Dreamwave, Morning and Nighttime programs. It has a 1200 square inch massage coverage across the body that gives a sensational massaging experience. There is an additional mechanism to provide massage to the shoulders and full arms along with the neck which is exceptional and highly comforting as well.

One thing to be appreciated about this massage chair is its Sensor Scan that measures the curvature of the back and matches it to one of the 106 pre-installed profiles in its system. In this way, you get the right massage that is best suited for your body.

While this relaxing and rejuvenating chair is unbelievably amazing, but the price tag is a bit high. Not to mention that this will be your one-time investment, but it’s worth to invest in a reliable and durable massage chair like the Inada Sogno Dreamwave.

Check its full review here.


  • Comes with multiple massage functions.
  • Shiatsu and Swedish massage sessions.
  • Includes stretch and healthcare programs.
  • Exclusive proprietary youth session.


  • Expensive.

Osaki OS-4000 Executive

Osaki OS-4000 Executive

Osaki OS-4000 is one of the best models of Osaki and offers immense benefits. It gives a wonderful massage with innovative and revolutionary features and specifications that help to relax and relief your body from pain. It has 48 extensive airbags that cushion your entire body and provide a unique massage to your entire body. These airbags have been strategically placed to focus mainly on the stress points.

Its smart and advance rollers produce a kneading movement that mimics human hands of a professional therapist and gives instant relief. These are a 30-inch roller and possesses a stroke that has the span of your entire back. The rollers are made of soft material and operate in two modes, medium and narrow. In this way, you can easily adjust the width of the rollers.

What’s more intriguing is its body scan technology that automatically detects which type of massage would be perfect for your body. Furthermore, it boasts an ergonomic design on its seat that follows your spine’s S-curve. This feature is combined with body scan system and in this way your problems areas like the lumbar regions, neck, head and shoulders are focused.

The massage chair also offers four massage functions that include tapping, kneading, rolling and clapping. Finally, its zero gravity technology developed exclusively by NASA, but was later adopted in many other applications, is a great attraction for its users. You can recline the chair to a specific degree where your feet are on the same with your heart.


  • Automatic massage features.
  • Durable.


Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi is on No.10 yet no less in features or specifications. It has a futuristic and modern design with longest massage rollers as compared to any other chair in the market. One thing it has unique from all of the massage chairs are the high-quality built-in speakers on which you can connect your iPhone or smartphone and enjoy a relaxing music with a revitalizing massage.

It also has six auto massage programs, kneading, tapping, knocking, Synchronic, Shiatsu, and Combination. When they are combined with the intensity levels, provide different massages that best fits your body.

Instead of one, it has 2 Zero Gravity Positions to choose from. What’s more unique is that it has the longer massage roller reach that runs through your entire body. These rollers are built on an L-shaped track that are 49 inches long.

But its features doesn’t end up here. You also get Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy all your favorite music with endless hours of relaxing massage. The manufacturer offers a 3-Year warranty on all its parts and labor. So, don’t worry about anything going wrong. You can also upgrade its warranty by paying a small fee.

The only downside of Infinity Iyashi Zero Gravity might be its price factor; else there remain no exception to it. It is the best therapeutic massager that any person needs that will satisfy all of your massaging needs.


  • Comes with a free delivery option in USA.
  • 3-Years solid warranty.


  • Too much costly, only for the high budget users.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

While these revolutionary products promise to give relief from bodily and mental stress, they can also help to change your life completely. Here are a few benefits that helps to bring about change in your life.

Decreases Tension and Enhances Flexibility

When your body is stretched, kneaded or tapped using different massaging techniques, it loses your tight and strained muscles that allow your muscles to relax. When muscles tension is released it ultimately enhances flexibility and relaxes your body. Quite often it happens that after a 9-5 hectic routine and having a rough conversation with your boss, you are completely frustrated. As a result of the mental stress, your body muscles begin that also puts strain on your blood vessels. This produces tension in your body. However, receiving a rejuvenating and relaxing massage  helps to get rid of this tension.

Increases the Endorphin Levels in your Body

Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals in your body. When your body gets a wonderful massage, it helps to stimulate the endorphin level in your body that induces positive results for you. When endorphin levels in your body enhance, it helps in reduced pain, reduced anxiety and quick recovery from stress or strain.

Helps in Improving Venous and Lymphatic Flow

A quality massage and kneading operation on your muscles can dramatically increase the blood flow in your body. As the stimulation of blood increases, it facilitates the circulation and absorption of nutrition into your muscles and tissues. Moreover, it helps to clear the toxins of these areas and revitalizes the massaged area.

Helps to Boost Energy

Aside from regular 6-8 hours of sleep, they are an extended mode of boosting your overall energy. Not only they help in rejuvenating your body but also increases your productivity at workplace. When the tired and worn-out muscles and stress points are stretched, rolled, kneaded and loosened, it ultimately revitalizes your body. You feel energized and positive!

Helps to Relax Muscle Tension and Pain

These health care equipment are not only meant for relaxation. They also help to give relieve from muscle tension and pain. Nowadays, back pain is also a common health issue that arises as a result of improper posture at the workplace. Most of the office workers or those who have desk-related jobs experience back pain. They are a great way of supporting your back and relieving the muscle tension & pain. They give you a constant massage therapy and eliminates the need of in taking pain killers. Their ergonomics are so built that they conform to the spinal cord and pinpoints of your stress points including the fatigue muscle tissues. Massage chairs have an incredible and extensive coverage that acts as an ideal masseur for alleviating back pain with the help of built-in heat therapy. The results are so satisfying that your body will crave for a massage again and again to relax the sores and pains.

Ensure a Better & Comfortable Sleep

massage chairs have rollers and airbags that work effectively around the head and spinal area. This gives relief from migraines and helps to relax your mind. Not only this, when this is combined with a full body massage and extra comforting heat therapy, it relaxes your entire body. This helps a lot in ensuring a better and comfortable sleep. Moreover, they have been reported to reduce the intensity of insomnia that results in faster and more recuperative sleep. Not to mention that nearly one-third of your life is spent while sleeping and it accounts for your health and well-being. After a tough day at the office or any other workplace, you must get a comfortable sleep.

Instant Relieve from Pain

No doubts that these massaging chairs give an instant relieve from pain. When you receive a massage, it helps in improving the range of motion and widens your blood vessels. This increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, especially the stress points, and gives you relief from the pain. The muscle spasm and cramping is greatly reduced, and flexibility in your joints increases. As a result of increase blood flow and fresh oxygen, your injured and overused muscles also relax. Collectively a therapeutic effect is applied all over your body, and you feel relieve from mental and physical pain. As a matter of fact, massage chairs are perfect for those who often suffer from low back pain.

Increased Blood Circulation in Body

Nowadays, high level of stress is a common health issue. This is primary because of the work pressure. When your body is in stress, blood circulation throughout your body is dramatically reduced by a certain percentage. This not only exhausts your body but adversely effects your productivity as well. These massage equipment calm your nerves and blood vessels. This results in increased circulation of blood throughout your body and helps in relieving any illness that is exacerbated by stress. Health care experts say that the increases blood circulation in the body helps to prevent high blood pressure problems, increased wound healing, and faster tissue repair.

Improves your Body Posture

They come come with outstanding stretch programs that deliver a range of back flexion, extension and rotational movements of the hips and lower back. This helps in loosening a stiff back and improving your body posture. By receiving a daily massage, you will notice an incredible change in your body posture. The pre-programmed massage sessions are so designed that they delicately work on every part of your body. As a result, not only you notice a better body posture, but it also loosens the stiff accumulated fatty areas on your body and helps lose weight fast.

Helps in Strengthening Your Immune System

You’ll be amazed to know that a massage chair can help strengthen our immune systems. It develops your body’s natural defense against the toxic invaders. Moreover, by stimulating the lymph system in your body, they have shown to increase the quantity of those cells that fight cancer in breast cancer patient’s bodies. Massage also releases endorphins in the body that act as natural painkillers. This makes the massage an effective way for relieving the chronic illnesses, injury and fast recovery from surgeries. Ultimately, when you immune system is strengthened by the natural effects of massage, the recovery time after strenuous workouts is dramatically reduced, and the subsequent risk of muscle strain and sprains is also reduced.

No Massage Therapist is required

You feel like a real human is giving you a massage on these machines. Initially, when these health equipment were introduced, there were a lot of flaws in them like the kneading mechanism was like someone is trying to beat you from behind. Unlike those, the latest models give you a realistic massage experience. You feel more comfortable and relaxed. Plus you have full privacy! How about playing your favorite music while receiving a massage? Surely it would be a great experience! Above all, massage recliners eliminate the cost of paying your personal massage therapist every month or for every visit.

Prevents High Blood Pressure

Massage is undoubtedly an ideal way to get rid of bodily and mental stress. This helps in preventing high blood pressures and encourages increased heart rate. I personally feel that those who are working in industries with high-demand jobs would benefit a lot from massage chairs. They help a lot in reducing the negative impacts of stress on your body. Moreover, after every massage session, there would be a significant increase in your parasympathetic nervous system or PNS that counteracts any stress response induced by the Sympathetic Nervous System or SNS and helps to keep your body in balance. In addition to that, when the high blood pressure is controlled, there is a significant reduction in the intensity of migraines in the body. Even a moderate massage can reduce high blood pressure reducing overall stress and anxiety levels in your body.

Helps in Reducing Lactic Acid Build Up

Lactic Acid build up is a very common problem with athletes and those who are doing labor jobs. A wonderful massage sessions increase the flow of blood in the body and decrease the lactic acid build up. When your muscles are constantly compressed and relaxed, it empties the blood vessels which are filled again with fresh blood. Repeating the process several times eliminates all waste products from your blood vessels and lactic acid is one of such wastes.

Helps to Eliminate Several Health Problems

The benefits of massage chairs go above and beyond relaxation. They help to improve and eliminate several health problems. One primary ailment of massage is relief from back pain. Apart from that, relieve from a headache, muscle sprain, and spinal pain is also significant health benefits of massage chairs. Moreover, massage also helps to improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and stiffness of muscles.

Things to Bear in Mind when Buying a Massage Chair

Warranty & Support

Your massage chair must be backed with at least 1-year of warranty on ‘all’ its parts. Whether you are going for an inexpensive model or some advanced ones, always check for the manufacturer warranty. Once you have your product and its warranty card and information, be sure to store it in a safe place. In case something goes wrong, you can always call the support for an immediate replacement. For support, the number or contact email is usually listed out in the instruction manual of your massage chair. If you have any questions, simply give them a call or send an email.

Personal Needs

Before buying, go through a checklist of your personal needs, desires wants and requirements. Don’t forget to check your budget as well. Although being expensive, still they are a one-time and long term investment. Make sure it’s worthwhile.

Features & Benefits

The massage chair you choose must give you the feeling of a professional therapist else it will be of no use. Always check out for the latest features like the Shiatsu, Swedish massage, pre-programmed massage sessions, Zero Gravity reclining system, rollers, kneading, tapping, clapping, vibration and other important features of a massage chair.


While this insanely comprehensive guide is enough to guide you in choosing the right massage chair, still do a bit of self-research on Amazon. How? Go through the customer reviews. Check out what others are saying about the product you are about to buy. Also, compare the prices as well and see whether the manufacturer is offering any discounts.

Best Brands to Buy a Massage Chair​

So far we have seen top 10 massage chairs and their health benefits, but here are a few brands to give priority when buying a massage recliner.

1: Panasonic


Panasonic is a revolutionary brand that manufactures some of the world’s best massage chairs. They use innovative technology and have been leading the market since the 1960s. Their massage recliners mimic the motions of a real human massage therapist. Though I have to admit that their massage recliner are quite expensive, and there are alternative brands that offer the same features and specifications as Panasonic, but when it comes to quality and durability, there is no match with Panasonic. One of the Panasonic’s top massage recliner models includes the EP-300007 and MA-70 with 100% user satisfaction. If you have a good budget for your massage recliner, then Panasonic is your ideal brand to go ahead.



INADA is another pioneer in the massage chair industry and has been in the market since the early days providing the best massage recliners ever. They had put in a lot of efforts in improving the durability of their massage recliner, and this is what makes them stand out from other brands. The advance massaging techniques and pre-programmed massage features are what diversifies their massage recliners. Not only their massage chairs are made in Japan, but also uses high-tech equipment in its construction. One of their top selling models is Inada’s Sogno Dreamwave. It’s a very user-friendly massage recliner with an attractive design and incredible performance. And yes! Their airbags provide a soothing effect on your body.

3: Omega


Omega is well-known for its high quality and top specs massage chairs. They are more focused on manufacturing massage chairs with rich features without compromising the quality and not increasing the price figure as well. You will enjoy the firm, smooth and realistic massage experience using Omega’s massage recliner. I feel that they have focused more on users need instead of personal additions. Some of the features introduced in their latest models are not even found in the top brands. The Montage Pro massage chair is one of their top selling products that has a sleek design, rich features, and a solid construction as well.

4: Osaki


Osaki is quite a new brand, but they have gained fame within a short span of time by delivering quality massage recliner with eye-popping features and affordable price tags. They offer a wide range of massage products that have been serving the users for several years. One of their best massage recliners is the OS-4000, and I personally endorse it to my fellow readers as well. It features zero gravity, pre-programmed functions and 48 airbags.



COZZIA offers its customers a wide range of massage therapy items all intended to provide you quality. Their products have been incorporated into therapeutic techniques, user-friendliness, and affordable price. Moreover, they design their massage chairs to meet all types of user needs. COZZIA 16027 massage recliner is one of their best models that comes with zero gravity feature, innovative design, and incredible specifications.

6: Infinity


Infinity was launched back in 2009, and they commenced their business with Therapeutic Massage Chairs. Apart from massage recliners they also manufacture personal massage products for massage spas and massage therapists. Unlike other brands, all of their models are made to provide different massage styles and functions. Most of their massage recliners feature zero gravity, inversion, and foot roller technology. Iyashi, IT-8500, and IT-800 are one of their top selling massage chairs.

7: Luraco


Luraco is the leading manufacturer of spa and massage technology. Their massage chairs are well-known for their advanced features one of which is the heat therapy and zero gravity reclining position. One of their prominent massage recliners is the iRobotics six that boasts quality materials, 100 airbags, and zero gravity. Moreover, every feature they provide is adjustable to your needs.

8: Human Touch

Human Touch

As the name suggests, Human Touch develops massage recliner that mimics the motions of a real human massage therapist. In fact, they have won many awards for manufacturing quality massage chairs. Their massage recliners focus on the stress points on your body and personal wellness. Also, it boasts features that serve lifelike experience and bring about many health benefits in your life. Human Touch headquarters are located in US, Southern California. They have also developed many popular lines of which iJoy and HT series are the leading ones.



OSIM develops massage chairs that focus primarily on the therapeutic importance of a full human feel massage session. They have a superior quality in the massage recliner industry and promises to serve its customers with products that boast rich features and unbeatable specifications. They also offer trailblazing mobile applications through which you can control the setting of your massage recliner.

10: Inner Balance

Inner Balance

Inner balance is popular for its zero gravity recliners. ZG571 and ZG550 are one of their leading massage recliner models. They focus on the wellness first approach in the development of their massage chairs. The therapeutic effects and relaxing massage rollers collectively with the airbags helps to relieve all the bodily and mental stress. Best of all their massage chairs aren’t that expensive as compared to other massage recliners in the industry.

11: iComfort


iComfort is a Canadian based company and are famous for the development of many spas and health related products. They started massage chairs after a while. Though it’s not a popular brand of massage recliners, but a few of their users have left some amazing reviews about the company.

12: Fujita


Fujita is also a new manufacturer of massage chairs in the industry and they primarily focus on comfort and health improvement. Their massage recliner uses features like physical therapy, acupressure and natural healing to give you a realistic massaging experience. They also use heat therapy mechanism that goes deep into your body tissues and stimulated blood circulation. One of their top selling product is SMK9100 that comes with arm width adjustments, Thai stretching and music sync.

Differences between Massage Chairs

Each massage recliner has a different functionality and feeling. Even different models within the same brand of massage chairs feel a bit different. If we talk about the lower end models, they offer limited features like vibrating and rollers. Though they provide a decent massage for less money, when you pay more, you definitely get some rich features and advance specifications backed by warranty as well. The expensive models have rollers, vibration, heat therapy, pre-programmed massage functions, Bluetooth, therapeutic effects and lots of other features that you can expect while having a massage at a spa. Zero gravity feature is worth mentioning here that doesn’t come in the low priced models.

When you’ll step inside the massage chair market, there will be a hoard of different models and brands that nearly employ the same tactics to provide you a relaxing and a great massage. However, picking out the best one requires a bit of research, and we have tried our best to enlighten all the nitty gritty aspects of choosing the best massage chairs. With a difference in the price you should expect a difference in the features, durability, functionality and comfort level of a massage recliner.


The more we explore, the more we will continue to find better options for ourselves. There remains no doubt that the human beings have been loving massage therapies and therapeutic treatments since the ancient times. Nowadays, the technology is much advanced as compared to 50 or 100 years back. Not only massage chairs but there have been hundreds of thousands of revolutions in the field of health, and we should admire the efforts of the people who have worked hard to provide us with quality solutions to make our lives healthier and full of happiness.

Choosing the best product is not merely an investment of your hard earned money, in return, it’s a big long term investment in yourself that pays back well in the form of health benefits. None of us have ever thought of a luxurious and affordable massage solution at home if go back 10-15 years in the past. Now, we have top emerging brands with high ratings and popularity in the market offering some of the best, revolutionized and affordable massage recliner.

I’ve put in my best efforts to convey each and everything that you need to know about massage chairs. Do share your thoughts in comments and let us know how we can help you out. Pick your massage chair today!